Flix Candy is the definition of delicious!


Founded over 50 years ago, we have a passion for sharing our love for candy to everyone we meet and we continue to bring joy to kids all around the world!


Flix offers more than just high-quality, trendsetting, delightful products, we are also known by our loyal customers as an innovative and reliable source of quality candy products.


We offer our own proprietary branded products as well as candy under great licenses.

Our top selling Pop Ups Lollipop® and Lip Pop® brands have been favorites for years.


Featuring great tasting flavors, these products bring smiles to kids of all ages.


Our Licensed Candy products include Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, Rudolph, NBC Universal, Warner Brother and many, many more!


By combining these great brands with amazing creativity and excellent quality we offer consumers and customers the best in licensed candy.